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2017 Deep Exploration Lake Tahoe

December 23 2016

In 2017, in conjunction with the Lake Tahoe Economic Summit (August) a group of non-profit, volunteer staffed, organizations that are studying Lake Tahoe’s underwater environment for Global Underwater Explorers conservation initiative, Project Baseline ( are planning to bring to the lake a remote operated underwater vehicle capable of visiting the very bottom, 1645’/500m, of Lake Tahoe.

December 23 2016


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Preparation Stage

The ROV and DP vessel recently conducted a dam inspection at Cherry Lake, CA, still on schedule for Tahoe in August


Exciting! How deep did you go with the trials? Any news yet on where you're going to be doing the deep exploration work?

Awesome, there's some heavy equipment! I like the a-Frame.

Well David to be fair, it was a paid gig as well, I inspected the intakes of the dam, only hit 254 ft. But the boat held station well in the wind. We have several deep targets in mind, not sure we will hit them all this trip. We will do a grand stand on the SS Tahoe to start and demo capabilities. Glad you like the A-frame Kevin, my design, has a 3000lb SWL. Figure that is about how much it would take to rip it off the deck.

Expedition Background

The "Prospector" ROV undergoing testing and evaluation at Harvard Mine in Jamestown, CA. This will be the secondary unit operated in the expedition.


Wow! This is great. We've dreamed about having an ROV that could go to the bottom of Tahoe. Excited to follow along!

Yeay, awesome. Keep up posted!