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971 FRC Robotics Tinkers with OpenROV

November 4 2016
<p>Hello! My name is Leslie Lorenzo and I am a member of my school's robotics team, 971. I hope to present my team with a challenging task that requires them to be creative and flexible. My task for them is to assemble and modify an OpenROV robot kit. Students will learn important engineering and teamwork skills that will prepare them for the future, whether that be working on a group project or solving a global issue like marine pollution! </p>

November 4 2016


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Expedition Background

Mountain View is the home of innovation. Right in our backyard, we have Google, Khan Academy, LinkedIn, and Synopsys, all encouraging nearby students to think outside the box and pursue their passions early on. It is not surprising then, that Mountain View’s 971 Robotics Team has a total of 70 high school members--a majority being freshmen. Having such a big team is wonderful in many ways. A lot of students interested in Engineering provides endless opportunities to inspire young scholars. Most importantly, it means we have innumerable amounts of great ideas circling around waiting to be discovered by their possessors. However, getting all those ideas out in the open can be difficult for some, especially when they are brand new to the team. In an effort to create a nourishing and connected community for prospective engineers, I hope to bring in an OpenROV kit and present the members with the objective of modifying the robot to help aid underwater exploration. The goal is simple but the reward is timeless.