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A Deep Dive into Lake Mendota

April 11 2018

Two stellar teachers from Wisconsin and Minnesota will bring along five star students to take a ride with researcher Jake Walsh and maritime archeologist Tori Keifer to explore the depths and beautiful Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin. They will do water quality testing with Walsh and will explore the "habitat" with Keifer.

UW-Madison is known as the birthplace of limnology in North America. Edward Birge and Chancey Juday were the pioneers of the field and Lake Mendota is considered the most studied lake in the world.

April 11 2018


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Expedition Background

Middle school teachers Lynn and Sue met aboard a shipboard science/maritime heritage expedition in August 2017 on the S/V Denis Sullivan, a replica tall ship that travels the Great Lakes. Lynn and Sue continue their friendship and relationship today and are planning a day of water quality testing and underwater exploration on Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin. Sue and Lynn will go out with Jake Walsh, researcher with the Center for Limnology at the UW-Madison. Walsh's research has focused on understanding how species invasions, eutrophication, climate change, and human decision-making affect lakes. Along for the voyage will be Tori Keifer, maritime archeologist with the Wisconsin Historical Society. Tori will help the students and teachers find some underwater treasurers.


The most studied lake in the world! That's amazing. Excited to learn more about what that means. Longer data sets? More data collected? Hopefully you'll be sharing more in the posts to come!

This sounds like a great expedition Anne! I'm keen to hear more about what marine archeology you'll be doing