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Aerial Survey of North Cyprus

February 10 2015
My expeditions goal is to capture the natural beauties, scenic towns and villages of North Cyprus using aerial photography.

February 10 2015


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Expedition Background

I've been taking aerial pictures in Northern Cyprus for the last 3 years. I was initially using a beginner quadcopter and was more interested in the fun of flying a quadcopter than the actual pictures taken. But overtime, I've moved over to using a more powerful quadcopter and a better camera, and started focusing more on capturing aerial images, that could until this decade only be captured by expensive means (planes/helicopters).

The pictures are not aimed to be artistic, but are rather aimed to be of a decent quality and provide meaningful views of the object or place of interest from different angles. One of the specific goals of this expedition is to capture aerial pictures of all historical ruins and castles in North Cyprus.


I've never been to Cyprus, but find it fascinating and have heard it is beautiful. I'm excited to get a glimpse from different perspectives!