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March 4 2015
A group of Master students have built an OpenROV 2.7 and are now ready to develop features and make it even more awesome! The group consists of Even, Simon and Hans Fredrik:)

March 4 2015


Accept contributions for your expediton by providing us a few details. We will create an account on your behalf at WePay. If you haven't already registered with WePay, they will send you an email to complete your registration.

Preparation Stage

On our way to Drøbak to do the very first test dive with #1611!

But first - some tether management....


Oh the rat's nest. We have ALL been there. Video coming soon about how to avoid it...sorry it won't help you on this one though!

Good luck, I'm excited to see you dives!

Expedition Background

Located at Eik Idéverksted (Oak Idea shop) a group of students will test several concepts on a 2.7 during the spring.