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Beneath the Waves

April 20 2015

My research looks at how underwater cameras can revolutionize ocean education. I will attempt to defend my Masters from underwater live from the depths of the Pacific Ocean. People can tune in on YouTube Live on Monday April 20, 12:30pm PDT. Hope you can join me under the sea live!

April 20 2015


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Expedition Background

On April 20, 2015 at 12:30pm PDT, I will attempt a world's first: to defend my Masters thesis from underwater. The presentation is about 15min followed by about one hour of questions from the committee. People will be able to watch it on YouTube Live. My Masters is entitled "Underwater web cameras as a tool to engage students in the exploration and discovery of ocean literacy,"
I co-founded a non-profit called Fish Eye Project and we started doing Underwater Live Dives for education since 2011 for World Oceans Day to connect people with the oceans in a more engaging way. Since 2014, we started broadcasting to the web so people can join us and interact from anywhere in the world. Our organization is called Fish Eye Project and you can learn more at