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Building the ROV

May 19 2014
We are planning to outline the construction of the OpenROV 2.6 kit and will include notes on any issues we encounter!

May 19 2014


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Preparation Stage

Here is a video of our Beta testing! We have ironed out the bugs and it seems to be operating as expected...we also dealt with the fogging issue by coating the inside with some anti-fogging spray used for scuba masks. We are operating the ROV in Lake Superior which even at the peak of summer is a very cold lake so we will monitor this fogging issue to see if it continues to be a problem

All I can say is Wow!!!!! Was that aerial footage taken with the helicopter posted a few months ago?

Ya we shot the aerial photography with our DJI Phantom 2 Vision...we modified it with a rotor pixel gimbal which stabilizes the imagery dramatically...we hope to provide both perspectives (aerial and underwater) in our next video!

Might try adding a couple desiccant packets to the inside of the main tube to help control fogging...

I will try that out but the scuba stuff kept it crystal clear!...never hurts to control moisture around the electronics though :)

Very cool combination of the Phantom with the ROV. Promising!!

Here is a video from our Alpha was shot in September at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay...the water is quite cold!! One issue we identified that is not shown in the video was fogging on the inside due to the cooling of the ROV after being sealed with warm air inside...we solved this later on

Sorry for the long delay but we had some issues getting everything running!! The biggest issues we encountered were that our ROV was dropping its connection to the control computer...this turned out to be an issue with the supplied network cable connecting the beagle board to the Ardunio...once we replaced that we sorted out most of our hardware issues.

The other major issue we had is outlined in this link The issue is entirely software and was resolved by following the steps outlined in the link.


We are just waiting for the acrylic adhesive to arrive. In the mean time, here is a picture of our current unmanned aerial vehicle project. We will be updating information on both the OpenROV and our UAV projects.


Lakehead Faculty of NRM


Cool! Is that an APM-based UAV?

You Bet! It is a Skywalker 1900 airframe with an APM 2.6 Autopilot. We got this one from ConservationDrones and are modifying it to extend range and carry a larger camera. We will be doing a complete build of a new one and will log that on this system as well.

Whoa, the existing range on these is almost 10k right? How far do you think you can get it to go?

Expedition Background

We are the faculty of Natural Resources Management at Lakehead University! We will be posting our efforts with the OpenROV and our UAV platforms.