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Chesapeake Bay - Crab Pot Inspection

June 28 2015
Technical Check and Fishery Exercise. A preliminary exercise in inspecting fishery health of the Chesapeake Bay. In preparation for assessing and selecting research opportunities with the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, VIMS, we here in the Chesapeake are planning a series of technical dives assessing the CTD+ payload and camera systems on our modified OpenROV rig, reviewing the technical solutions for science mission in the bay. Working with VIMS researchers, we wish to verify the prototypes on board and build a research initiative for the 2015 Fall and 2016 Spring seasons.

June 28 2015


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Expedition Background

Greetings friends! We here on the Chesapeake are back at it. This time performing a series of technical dives, looking at crab pot assement, CTD+ payload validation/verification, and developing a technical program to collaborate with the Virginia Institute of Marine science, VIMS. Our intention is to both vet our prototype sensor suites and design a series of data acquisition approaches for furthering marine science in the Chesapeake. We hope you will join us!


Excited to see how the prototypes do!

Are you going to share all your tech details of the mods (open source it)?

Absolutely. I've been out of town for a while, just returning, so hopefully be back full swing into it soon!

Hoping to get in touch. Have some questions about success in the local water of the bay.

LOL, good question. My apologies. We haven't had a chance to continue this adventure due to other commitments and ... well the vehicle wasn't going to do it anymore. Long story. So, building a bigger, more robust one, which you can find out some details on the OpenRov forums page. DO a quick search for WorkClassROV, Kevin_K is the primary author on the thread. Anyway, I am going to be publishing updates asap.
To answer your question...its murky, LOL. but there are ways around it and with winter around the corner, there is hope for some clearer days. We are also working on modifying an old ski boat for ROV/AUV and other ops in the Bay, so stay tuned. It might be good to meet up. In about 2 weeks we plan some test dives with the new rig, I'll be sure to extend and invitation.


Hello. Great work! I've been looking to build an rov for quite some time to explore my area around Grandview. I am a physicist and software engineer working in the area (formerly with NASA), so I would be happy to volunteer and help out in any way I could. Surface mapping looks particularly interesting. If interested please let me know and I can get in touch.

Best Regards and Make on!