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Classroom Connectons

August 8 2017

We pair satellite BGAN units with scientists and explorers around the world so they can broadcast live into classrooms from the most remote places on the planet. This year, we'd like to add a Trident underwater drone to the gear to add the element of broadcasting live into classrooms from underwater.

August 8 2017


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Expedition Background

Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants (EBTSOYP) is a Canadian nonprofit with a primary goal of bringing science, exploration, adventure and conservation into classrooms through guest speakers and virtual field trips. Since launching in September of 2015, we've hosted over 400 Google Hangout events with leading scientists, explorers and conservationists from around the world, reaching tens of thousands of students. What we do is 100% free for classrooms and always will be.

With a recent grant we realized our goal of bringing the most remote regions of the planet into classrooms through our BGAN project. BGANs are textbook sized satellite units that allow us to video broadcast through Google Hangouts from pretty much anywhere on the planet. We send them into the field with a scientist or explorer, they broadcast into classrooms and then return them, and we send them out again. Last year we sent units to the Bahamas, Belize, Peru and Clipperton Atoll (most isolated coral atoll on the planet!). In September we’ll have units in the Galapagos, Tahiti and Vietnam.

This year, we've set a further goal adding the element of being able to live broadcast into classrooms from the air and underwater. We'll be using a Mavic Pro from the sky and would like to do the same with a Trident from beneath the waves. Another part of this project is having the software created to allow easy transition between different live feeds.

There's this silly rumour going around that there's nothing left to explore or discover, this couldn't be further from the truth! New technology is opening up countless opportunities in the fields of science and exploration. We believe these experiences inspire students while exposing them to important issues, amazing places, exciting role models and new career paths. Students won't remember every math or language lesson from school, but they will remember the time they were hanging out in a penguin colony in Antarctica or chatting with someone who just rowed across an ocean.

A little more about what EBTSOYP does:

  • Each month during the school year we host 20+ Google Hangout events for classrooms.

  • We host full day events consisting of 20-30 speakers focusing on themes like ocean, biodiversity, women in STEM and space exploration.

  • Follow and connect with various expeditions before, during and afterwards.

  • Last year I started Explorer Classroom with National Geographic Education, several times a month we connect their explorers to classrooms for Google Hangout events.

  • We chase grants and sponsorships to fund satellite time, but we also help fund innovative research, expedition and conservation projects around the world. Last year we were able to donate over $15,000 to various projects.


Awesome Joe! Looking forward to seeing what you and the students can do with a Trident!