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Discovery Deep - "Mapping the Lost Radeau"

June 13 2015

Mapping the Lost Radeau In June 2015, the Discovery Deep team -- an emerging dive group on the East Coast aspiring to non-profit status, will launch its first expedition -- a photographic and video survey of the Lost Radeau Warship at the bottom of Lake George, New York. During the dive phase of the expedition, the team will comprehensively photograph and video the wreck with multiple teams of divers, as well as deploy an ROV to support the non-invasive survey work. Our goal is to collect enough photographic and video data to produce a digital three-dimensional interactive tour of the wreck site for historic societies and museums in Upstate New York, as well as to make the data available to historians, academics conservationists and scientists involved in researching, studying and conserving the site. Additionally, the dive team will also shoot 360-degree photo imagery of the site in support of Google’s Street View Ocean project.

June 13 2015


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Preparation Stage

May 16, 2015

Discovery Deep divers participated in several working dives this Saturday at Lake George, NY to prepare for the June 12-14, 2015 expedition dives on the Lost Radeau Shipwreck. Kevin Moore and Frank Stopa dove on the Radeau site and conducted a training dive at the Hearthstone dive site on the lake with the Get Wet Divers of Upstate New York to prepare for the upcoming photo and video survey of the wreck from 1758.

And after completing our preparatory dives, we’ve uploaded to our YouTube Channel Frank’s video ‘The Lost Radeau’ of the May 16th dive. It’s spooky and dark and cold down at the wreck, but you can get your first views of “The Oldest Intact Warship in North America” a French and Indian War wreck dating back to 1758! Check it out below!

Please help us out by contributing even a small amount to our crowd funding campaign. You can help us produce a 3-D interactive map of a piece of American colonial history. Contribute to our Open Explorer crowd funding or our Indiegogo crowd funding campaign here:


Hey guys! I don't know if you're still puching forward with your project, but the Forever Expedition team will be up in Lake George at the end of the month with a pair of OpenROVs. Let me know if y'all have anything going on.

We’ve officially launched our Indiegogo campaign for our maiden project, Mapping the Radeau! Please check out our campaign, hear our story, and contribute to our ambitious effort! Every little bit helps, and with your support we can do great things!

This is a very special moment for us, a historic landmark for our organization, and we hope you’ll share it with us as we embark on this incredible journey to bring the marvelous oceanic world and what lies beneath it, to you!

Our goal is to raise at least $4,000.00 to produce the digital map of the Lost Radeau at the bottom of Lake George, New York. And now that we've officially launched our campaign on, you’ll be able to contribute to our effort and enjoy the perks we have to offer! As well as be a part of our efforts to preserve history! Please check out the campaign at

Discovery Deep’s first project, “Mapping the Radeau”, will kick off on 16 May 2015 at Lake George, New York with reconnaissance dives to the shipwreck under the auspices of the New York State Dive Association and the Get Wet Divers of Upstate New York. The work continues 12-14 June 2015 with more diving and data collection and will conclude later in the summer with the production of the digital mapping.

Congratulations on your kickstarter launch!

Care to give us "day in the life" mapping the wreck? What time do you hit the road? What kind of gear do you have to prep? Do you pack a lunch ? Let s make this repeatable for other explorers who want to follow your lead!

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement and support! We're very excited about this expedition, and what it promises for future expeditions. We are in fact working on offering our followers with updates via our newsletter, and are planning on creating a small documentary of our expedition, if the funding we have allows for it. I really do want to not just share the wreck with everyone, but also our experience of mapping the wreck as well!

We're actually hitting the road this coming weekend by laying down the mooring lines and buoys in preparation for diving the wreck. This is a labor of love that volunteer divers in upstate New York do to facilitate diving the wreck during the summer. But Discovery Deep has taken it upon ourselves to be included in that. Our actual expedition is June 13th and 14th.

Gear-wise, we are diving dry suits to withstand the extreme colds at that depth, we have a few trimix divers so we can be down there long enough get the data we need. We have full face masks to facilitate communication, underwater and topside. And we are looking to deploy an ROV for underwater, and UAV to capture the action from up above.
As far as the camera rigs themselves, our divers are bringing their highest quality cameras and housings, and we're getting our lighting from Dive Rite who are providing us with the best lighting used in cave diving.

And yes, I think we'll be packing our lunches, but we haven't planned what we'll be eating just yet. We're open to suggestions! :)

Thanks again for following us, and we're looking forward to sharing this experience with everyone!


Expedition Background

Mapping the Radeau:
The Radeau is the only existing example of the British Radeau-class gun platform and is one of only six Shipwrecks on the National Register of Historic Places. Our mission is to conduct a photographic and video survey of the wreck site for several purposes. First, we hope to collect enough photographic and video data to produce a three dimensional, digital, interactive tour of the wreck. This will be provided to Lake George historical organizations and museums, as well as the State of New York to further historic appreciation of the wreck. Second, we will provide the data to the state and to Joe Zarzynski, the discoverer of the wreck, to further its conservation. And third, as time and resources permit, we will collect images leading to the production of Google Ocean 360 degree views of the site. Additionally, we will be documenting the weekend in photos to produce a photo book for crowd funding contributors and dive team members.

What is Discovery Deep?
Discovery Deep is a group of great divers and people, united to explore, discover, and document everything ranging from wrecks of historical significant to underwater sites of intrigue and oceanic mysteries. In essence Discovery Deep aims to provide underwater research and data collection support to scientific and academic organizations, as well as select commercial interests, focused on furthering humankind’s understanding, knowledge and appreciation of the world’s oceans, seas and waterways.
Months ago, Kevin, Mohamed and Frank began discussing the idea of creating a non-profit foundation to do ocean exploration as a means to do more with our love of, and obsession with, diving. This project is the first expedition that we envision will lead to future non-profit expeditions involving diving, photography and videography skills, remotely operated vehicles, and more to collect “data” needed by scientists, historians, archaeologists and others to discover, conserve and preserve historic underwater sites, to support scientific research in the aquatic world and to raise awareness of the importance of our planet's oceans and waterways to humanity.

We need your support! We are looking to raise funds first and foremost for the cost to produce the digital 3D model of the wreck from the survey, then to cover the dive costs and ROV purchase and operation costs. Please follow and contribute to our expedition via WePay's "$Contribute to this Expedition" link above! Additionally, we will also be launching our Indiegogo campaign soon! Check out our website for details! Thank you all so much for your generous support of this project!


This sounds very cool! Excited to follow along!

Thanks David! Appreciate the follow! We're pretty excited too about this project and looking forward to this being the first of many expeditions to follow! Thanks for your support!

Discovery Deep
First off, fantastic and great to hear of what you are doing and wishing you all the success
It might also be worth while having a look at document a number of us put together on SfM for Openexplorer that may be of assistance or let me know if you questions but the process is easier and less complex than everyone expects

Hi Scott,

Sorry for the late reply. We've been busy and hard at work with all the planning that's been going into this. I wanted you to know that we've shared the document you linked with the team and are in fact using some of the techniques for our expedition planning. Thank you so much for providing it! This is the first of many wrecks we wish to map in 3D and create a virtual tour of.
We're happy to get your suggestions, and appreciate your comments!