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Experience Baltimore's Inner Harbor

September 29 2017

Come join use late this fall to dive with OpenROV Trident in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Check out the floating wetlands, oysters gardens, and maybe even meet the legendary Baltimore City Trashwheels. April 4, 2018

September 29 2017


Accept contributions for your expediton by providing us a few details. We will create an account on your behalf at WePay. If you haven't already registered with WePay, they will send you an email to complete your registration.

Debriefing Stage

Quick Event Debrief

We had a great time diving Trident in the Inner Harbor. All told we did 5 separate dives which allowed about 45 students to try their hand at the sticks. Unfortunately bad weather and low batteries shortened our afternoon operations and one group didn't all get to fly. Not bad for the first time doing a five-hour event like this.

What I'd do differently in the future:

  • Have a little explanatory sign up for students and the passing public.
  • Bring a second ROV to ensure that battery life wouldn't cut the program short.
  • Bring an assistant to help with student flow and group management (and take more photos. It's awfully hard to manage a group of excited middle-schoolers and properly document the event).
  • That little velcro strap really makes a difference for dock deployments.

Andrew, I am looking at doing a similair event with the Virginia Aquarium. Are you still in the area? I'd like to chat with you about this when you can

Mission Underway

A short bots-eye view of the Inner Harbor, including bioboxes and artificial oyster reefs.

What's a biobox? The floating habitat?

The bioboxes are the heavy, oyster-filled cages hanging off the dock.

We had a great day out with the National Aquarium letting students from Baltimore City schools drive Trident around the floating wetlands and oyster bioboxes.

Preparation Stage

Seagrass is the foe of all ROVs

In this instance, however, we intentionally got Trident entangled in monumental amounts of dried seagrass to assess the failure mode and to determine where on the ROV hitchhiking organisms might like to hide.


On February 10, we did a quick site visit with the National Aquarium to test out Trident and get an idea for how the workshop will progress. The main event will occur in early April in conjunction with the National Aquarium's What Lives in the Bay education program.

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Expedition Background

Baltimore's Inner Harbor is a place of tremendous impacts and profound change. With the combined run-off of over half-a-million people and centuries of industrial development, the Inner Harbor has faced its share of environmental damage. But new initiatives are turning the Inner Harbor around. Solar-powered trashwheels collect plastic and debris before it enters the Chesapeake Bay. Floating wetlands and experimental oyster gardens are slowly cleaning the Inner Harbor's waters. And the Healthy Harbor Initiative is on track to make the Inner Harbor both swimmable and fishable by 2020.

Join us for a day on the Inner Harbor with OpenROV Trident as we explore these clean-up efforts and discover the vibrant marine life that still calls Baltimore's Inner Harbor home. Participants will get to fly the new OpenROV Trident, meet with community leaders working to restore the Harbor, and learn a bit more about their local waters.

Date is still to be determined, but will happen late this Fall. Follow this expedition for more updates.

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