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Exploring Physical Topography

February 22 2015

My recent work has explored translating birds eye view photographs into physical 3D printed sculptures. Many of the images I use are found or in the public domain. I would love to use drone photography to explore the divides between the urban/suburban and suburban/rural divides in Ohio. You can see examples of this work on my website Thank you for your support!!

February 22 2015


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Expedition Background

My background is in digital fabrication, art, technology, sculpture, and symbiosis.

I love translating data, in any form, into physical and non-physical forms.

3D printing has been a great way for me to explore ideas and iterate quickly.

If I am one of the first three projects to raise $100 towards my cause I'll receive a free drone!

Any help towards that goal would be very appreciated.

I believe that using my own drone photographs will enhance and further my artistic practice.

Continue exploring!


hey nathan, very cool idea. What is this piece we're looking at, I of course am biased as an avid ocean enthusiast, but it looks like the bow of a shipwreck!

Hi Erika,

It is actually a missile fragment from a drone strike, extruded and 3D printed.

It does really look like radar imagery of a shipwreck though!

Much of my work explores landscape as a way to engage the topics that people do not want to talk about.

I'm interested in translating this to a wider community through sight specific imagery.