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Sea Stars, Urchins and Kelp Forests at Fort Ross

June 5 2018

We will be using the Trident to monitor our unique intertidal zone here at Fort Ross including our kelp forest, sea stars, urchin populations, California & Steller Sea Lions and eel grass surveys; data and video footage will be integrated into our social media and outdoor youth environmental education experience - FRC's Marine Ecology Program.

June 5 2018


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Expedition Background

Over the last few years we have seen drastic changes along our coasts, from new species in the intertidal zone-never before seen along our shores to vast urchin barrens and the mass starvation and die-off of our abalone. We hope to be able to monitor these changes more closely with the Trident, relaying any and all data that could potentially help this delicate ecosystem to the appropriate agencies.

We plan to incorporate all the data and footage gathered by the Trident into our youth education experience - FRC's Marine Ecology Program.