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Freshwater Shark Habitats

March 14 2015
On my mission, I want to explore Lake Nicaragua, where sharks live in completely fresh water. I graduated and now work for Eckerd College, on Boca Ciega Bay in St. Petersburg, FL. We have a large population of marine science students.

March 14 2015


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Expedition Background

I have always been fascinated by sea life, especially sharks. Because of childhood ear infections and ear/nose/throat issues arising from them, I am unable to dive to depths below 25ish feet. My ears simply won't pressurize. I hope to use the OpenROV kit to examine the habitats of these freshwater sharks in Nicaragua. I have spent nearly two months over spring break service trips and summer internships in Nicaragua and have worked with education and animal life during those times. I want to educate the local populations about these sharks because they are such a unique type of animal. I currently work at Eckerd College which has a large Marine Science program. I would love to take a group of marine science students to Nicaragua to collect more data about these sharks as well. The trip could be incorporated into our "Spring Break Service Trips" which allow students to volunteer abroad, much in the way that I was introduced to Nicaragua two years ago.

Wow, this is such a fantastic use of robotics! I have family who suffers from the same inner ear issues, I never thought of an OpenROV as a way to bring them down to depth. Thanks for the idea.

What kind of sharks do expect to see?

@erikabergman the sharks in the lake were originally thought to be only found there but scientists have found they are bull sharks. They live most of their lives in the fresh water but have been known to swim up the rapids of rivers leading to the Carribean in a similar way that salmon school up river.

Lets connect! I'm in St. Petersburg, working on an OpenROV - and we have 5 schools here in the Tampa Bay area - it would be great to share your expedition with our local students building OpenROVs!