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Galloping Gertie Grave

November 20 2014
To set up a means for the public to see and explore the remnants of the old Narrows bridge that was transported and dumped along the Tacoma Waterfront. Exploring the site of the wreckage with students and ROVs and broadcasting the missions to monitors on the close by pier.

November 20 2014


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Expedition Background

In 1940 the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed into the Puget Sound, creating a giant pile of rubble that has since become inhabited as a manmade reef. Most of the old bridge lies directly below the new one, but some large sections of the roadway were transported and dropped along the Tacoma waterfront. It is a popular dive site for local SCUBA divers because of the abundance of plant and animal life, but is relatively unknown to most everyone else. The old bridge is an exciting part of Tacoma history, and most everyone assumes all of it is located around the point in the Narrows.

The waterfront is an incredibly popular spot, but anything blow the surface is so alien and unaccessible to almost everyone there. I would like to explore this awesome site from the nearby pier by ROV, and offer people an opportunity to watch from monitors or take over control themselves and get a chance to adventure around an area they never even knew was there. It would be a great opportunity to explore with marine biology classes or camps as well, to give kids an eye level look at their subjects in a way that isn't restricted to photos or touch tanks.


Rad! The harmonic motion of the bridge in 40 mph wind caused a dramatic self-oscillation which led to the nick-name AND its collapse in the same year it was built! This is will be such a cool piece of history to explore!

This will be interesting! History + Engineering + Biology. I wish I had a class or camp like that growing up.