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Jacob's Well - Wimberley, Texas

November 30 2014
We're building the ROV to explore the underwater caves in Jacob's Well, a karst spring formation in Wimberley, Texas. Human divers have perished in the caves here so we are hoping to send the robot down to map the caves and explore them safely.

November 30 2014


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Preparation Stage

The completed ROV on its first successful water test. We're staging the exploration dives now and hope to update on our findings soon!


Is that a cooler?? Nice!

Yup just a regular cooler that Danny E had in his backyard. It got the job done! We had some problems with our first water test in a friend's pool, so this was the first time we tested it since potting the motors, and it worked like a charm this time!

Really good idea. I have a lake in my backyard but this is a safer alternative.
Your project is great, any update?

Austin is a beautiful city! Have you had a chance to deploy your ROV yet and explorer what the city might be hiding underwater?

Expedition Background

We've chronicled the building of our ROV in depth here:

... and now it works!!

wow, what happens if you find...remains? we've seen similar on shipwrecks in the gulf and it takes an emotional toll.

The possibility has certainly occurred to us. We intend to treat any remains we find with the respect and solemnity they deserve, and hope to honor them by continuing to tell the story that they began.

Would you be willing to post a photo or two up here on OE as well as your blog? I'd Love to follow along!