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La Herradura - Armada Real

April 1 2015
450 years ago some Phillip II ship, called "Armada Real", sinked at La Herradura Bay, at the South of Spain. We want to find some of the rests. The reason is that no tried before is because there isn's gold or money, just woods and iron and because the deep is higher than 50 mts.

April 1 2015


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Debriefing Stage

Photo taken at the town of La Herradura, where the sink happened.
The accident is referenced at "El Quijote", from Cervantes.


Me parece un proyecto muy interesante. Si podemos ayudar con algo, contactenos.
This is great. Is there any scientific publication about this fleet? It's hard to believe that such case has never been fully investigated.

Hola Benoit! Thanks for posting.
Where are you located?
There is a scientific publication, a Book from the University of Granada where you can find all the details of the sink, and even the list of people in those sinks.
This summer I have been talking with divers and people who know well the zone and now i have interesting info, even a Video with images of what could be a part of an anchor of one of the ships.

I have one of those books. I will post a photo later. Best regards

Hola! Precisamente estaba a punto de abrir una nueva expedición con la idea de buscar algún resto sobre este hundimiento. Soy de Granada, pero bajo mucho a la costa para hacer submarinismo con el Club Universitario. Ya que has comenzado está aventura, me gustaría poder formar parte de ella. Un saludo, Alejandro.

Still sounds amazing! How is the research going on the wreck? Looking forward to hearing more about your search! I'm hoping the put up an article about all the shipwrecks being explored on OpenExplorer, any updates you'd like me to include about your expedition?

Hi Erika! I am ready for august, the time for the research. ROV is ready, boat is ready and crew is ready!. I will upload some info soon.

Expedition Background

We have some boats and are familiar with scuba diving. With the ROV we will go deeper and try to find some rests.


So this ship could be from the mid 1500s?! I know copper plated hulls help protect wooden boats from deteriorating after being scuttled but those didn't come along till the 1700's. What kind of remains can we look for for a vessel this old? Canons?! That would be awesome.

Hi Erika, thanks for your comment.
The year is 1562. Died 5.000 persons and there are 25 or 28 boats.
There were war boats, so we would find canons, arms, knifes and personal things.
Here are 2 interesting links. Are in Spanish, try to translate them with Google, if you have problems with the text let me know and i translate them.

best regards