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Lake Casitas Recovery

June 27 2017

We plan to blend technology, social science and history in an investigation of the local lore that is hidden in the lakebed of Lake Casitas, our local reservoir.

June 27 2017


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Expedition Background
Lake Casitas, located 12 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, is a small reservoir that serves coastal Ventura and the rural community of Ojai, California. The result of a 1952 United States Bureau of Reclamation water requirement and supply study, the lake was inundated in 1958. While today we continue to suffer Stage Three drought conditions, the lake’s lower water levels does offer us an opportunity to more easily uncover some of the Ojai Valley’s recent past.
When the lake filled, it gradually covered ranches, roads and an old school. Using the OpenRov 2.8, local newspaper articles and interviews with the few local residents who lived in the area before our reservoir was created, students will prepare a story with photographs and personal accounts, which we will donate to the Ojai and Ventura Historical Museums for their use in perpetuity. We will conduct interviews and operate the rover in accordance with the accounts we acquire in order to create a photographic essay that will accompany the written accounts of the interviews.

This is great, Kurt! My favorite expeditions are these: nearby and familiar places with a completely new perspective. I'm excited to follow along.

This is really cool. I can't wait to see what you find. Have you thought about rigging a 360 camera to your ROV to create immersive dive videos?

Hey, if you see a monster largemouth bass down there, lemme know, lmao. I live on the other side of the country in the foothills of South Carolina and I've heard of Lake Casitas due to some of the huge bass caught there that were pretty close to the world record of 22lbs set in Georgia back in the '30s. Maybe 20 years ago I knew a half a dozen or so bass tournament guys that flew out there every year in the spring and spent their vacation time fishing day in, day out. I imagine the fishing guides made a mint off those guys every year. I know Lake Casitas has been famous amongst obsessive largemouth bass fishermen for the around 20lbs. bass that can only be the result of nearly perfect growing conditions. Sorry so long! I'll be following! -WCK