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Learning About ROV's; A Trip to Seven Hills Middle School

December 19 2014
Our mission is to go to The Seven Hills School and teach middle schoolers about ROV's and marine exploration.

December 19 2014


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Debriefing Stage

In total we had a great time teaching middle schoolers about ROV's and they thoroughly enjoyed driving the OpenROV. Watch out for the Seven Hills Middle School in the MATE competition.


Concise, effective, and easily repeatable for anyone following along! Nice @patrick_mcd

Mission Underway

Despite the fact that it was raining we took out our PVC pipe ROV's as well as an OpenROV and drove them around in the school pool. The kids had a blast and it's fantastic watching them slowly learn about ROV's as well as basic principles such as buoyancy and thrust.


Good thing they're waterproof. Wow, there's a bunch in there!

Yes, we had around 5 different ROV's running in the pool at once. Talk about crossing tethers.

Preparation Stage

We headed to the Seven Hills Middle School to be greeted by a crowd of middle schoolers eager to build ROV's. In order to educate them about the basic principles of how an ROV works we gave them the Marine Advanced Technology Education's (MATE) ROV in a bucket kit which is a prewired ROV kit in which kids can easily experiment with different PVC pipe designs (see the ROV's being build in the attached image)

Expedition Background

Our goal is to inspire students about science at The Seven Hills Middle School by teaching them about ROV's and marine exploration. We plan on having a small group of kids build a couple of simple PVC pipe and bilge pump ROV's using The Marine Advanced Technology Education's (MATE) ROV in a bucket kit. Additionally, we will give the kids a chance to drive an OpenROV around a pool.

Since we are going to the middle school tomorrow I made sure to test that the OpenROV was working tonight. All is well and we are excited for tomorrow


Rockin! I feel like the new 2.7 doesn't take much of an expedition field kit anymore, I notice you have a multimeter, anything else in your "save-a-dive" kit?

No, you hardly need to bring any additional things with you when running a 2.7 besides the ROV, batteries, and a of course laptop. The multimeter was just used to check the battery voltage to ensure that they were charged.