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Little Hawk Lake

July 25 2014
I will be returning to Little Hawk Lake again to further explore this lake which reaches to depths of about 280'. I will be using the 2.6V of controller & BBB with RC2 code. This year I will have the compass and better thrusters and the default OpenROV motors. My goal is to test how deep I can go with my hull design.

July 25 2014


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Debriefing Stage

Part 3 of 1st dive
These dives were mostly test dives to try things like depth hold, fly by wire seeing how the tether would behave with the 1/4' yellow propylene rope etc.
I really like using the heavier rope that protects the tether that is in the center of it. This may be more problematic in waters with a current but for lake diving it worked really well.

Part 2 of 1st dive from the end of the dock

This was my 1st dive (part 1) at the lake this year so I was working on the proper buoyancy and later adding additional ping pong balls on the tether to keep it off the bottom.

Dive near the shore on Little Hawk Lake. Again I had no main lights because of a mistake on my part but there was enough surface light to get some video of the bottom.

This is really cool! I like the green hazy look. Also, not sure if you saw my recent post, but we've started using Screencastify to record the dives, because it incorporates a small window that has the pilot and their dialogue. Works really well!

Thanks Dave , I have looked at Screencastify but have not yet tried it out.

Did a night dive to 80ft. I had lost my main lights on the ROV after putting the electronics back in after the 288ft. test dive. I connected up the LED Driver to the vertical motor by accident and blew it when I turned on the Lights. I was now only left with one LED lighting panel under the ROV which did not light up the bottom of the lake enough to see properly.

A Cottage owner on the lake had lost his canopy off his boat about 6 weeks ago and has failed to find it until now with the help of our ROV. Some footage of the dive and a few bass to boot.

Preparation Stage

Today we wanted to do a pressure test on the hull of the ROV. The deepest part of the lake is 288' which we have located using a fish finder. For this test I removed the electronics just as a precaution and weighted the ROV with two rocks as a ballast.

Expedition Background

I will be visiting with family for a week in cottages on Little Hawk Lake this summer. This will be a great time for me to play with the ROV and have fun with the grandchildren as we explore the lake. Time permitting I would also like to make a trip to Tobermory, ON. Here the water is crystal clear and there is a ship to explore

This is a great seawinds! I have never seen north eastern Canada, I look forward to finding out what's in that lake of yours!

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