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Mapping Snorkling Spots Egypt

January 1 2017

The primary goal is to map and document good snorkling spots in Egypt. Aside from the enjoyment of snorkling the goal is also to document the variety of sea life and coral and also raise awareness of the damage that is occurring to these fragile ecosystems.

January 1 2017


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Mission Underway

Dahab - Laguna
Current was quite strong due to the wind. Quite shallow (1-2 m depth) but can get close to the fish hidden in the coral. Got up close to an Emporer Angelfish, one of the most colourful fish I've seen.

image-1 image-1 image-1 image-1

Makadi Bay - South of Hurghada
Very good visibility the day I went. Best spot was from the pier of Stella de Mare. Variety of fish was amazing. Saw a rare batfish. From the pier watched an octopus being chased by lion fish.

image-1 image-1 image-1 image-1

Public Beach near Movenpick
Easy access from the public beach. Great spot with large variety of fish and coral. Fish were particularly active around 5pm. Despite the occasional large crowds at the beach the fish are still there, probably because the crowds don't venture out as far as the coral. Some damage noted probably from boats. Clown fish, parrot fish, butterfly fish, grouper, wrasse and more.

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St. Pauls Monastery Guest House
The edge of the coral reef was a bit of a swim from the shore (~500m) through a shallow lagoon. Coral was very nice. Giant clams the size of footballs were a highlight. Not a lot of fish around but it was quite wavy which didn't help the visibility.

image-1 image-1 image-1 image-1

Great photos! Can't wait to see what you continue to discover!

Close to the Bestway Supermarket. Coral patches to the far left were the best. Saw a gray eel and Clown fish along with others. Deeper coral was quite damaged. My guess is from recreational boats that pass too close to the coral. Some coral was quite colourful while others were pale white - possibly due to coral bleaching?

Swam with pod of dolphins that passed near this area. This was a definite highlight!

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Grand Heights - Ain Sukhna
Beautiful coral and lots of fish. Large school of Arabian Angelfish. One of the best spots I've seen in the Ain Sukhna area that's not known for it's coral.

image-1 image-1 image-1 image-1
Preparation Stage

Preparations for this expedition were fairly simple - buy a snorkel, mask and underwater camera. I've also recently added a wetsuit so I can snorkel when the water gets colder during the winter months.

Expedition Background

I have been living in Egypt for 3 years and have enjoyed exploring the underwater world of the Red Sea. I've also discovered that many people are not aware of what lies under the surface and how it is being damaged. My hope is to document my trips to raise awareness and help others enjoy the richness of the Red Sea.


This is great, Mike! I'm excited to be following along and will spread the word. Hope to come and see these spots someday too.