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Exploring the great pacific ocean in Maui, Hawaii

September 16 2014
We are a local maker space in Maui, Hawaii. We seek to create mods that allow the open rov to be used from boat or shore in the Pacific ocean to explore wrecks, reefs, and deepwater areas. We would like to explore the black coral of the deep, as well as the sunken plane in kihei, perhaps even the giant caves of lanai. Our longer term goal is to build a open rov that can be controlled from a scuba diver to be used in spaces a man cannot fit.

September 16 2014


Accept contributions for your expediton by providing us a few details. We will create an account on your behalf at WePay. If you haven't already registered with WePay, they will send you an email to complete your registration.

Preparation Stage

We've had a design session and have decided that we are going to use an old underwater video housing for the underwater control unit. The housing buttons will be hacked for the computer control. A screen will be placed in the housing as well as a Intel atom computer. We may also attempt to use a spare raspberry pi for the control computer. We will be using lithium phosphate batteries for power. More updates soon.

You should check out Darcy's dives:

He's done a lot to improve depth capability

Expedition Background

Mauimakers is a nonprofit makerspace in Maui, Hawaii. We have members who are sailors, fishermen, surfers, kiters, and scuba divers. Open rov is an ideal platform to explore areas that are otherwise difficult or impossible to explore, from the freshwater caves of waianapanapa to the wreck of the Saint Anthony and the secret cave within the cathedral caves of lanai. Our team seeks to take open rov to it's limits seeking more depth, battery, saltwater tolerance, and beyond. Ultimately we want to create a command and control interface that can be used underwater by a scuba diver to go into that cave that's too small, or the port hole that's too dangerous.

This is great! I'm excited to come out and test robots with you all sometime!

One tip: add a photo and a geo tag to your background post and it will show up on the homepage map.

We welcome any and all visitors to our group for a makeaction. Surf, sand, and solder.

"Surf, sand and solder" is an excellent motto!

Sounds great! I am also working at putting together an ROV for exploring the WWII wrecks off Makena, looks like we should compare notes & work together.

Sounds awesome. I've dove those wrecks before.