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Missouri Springs and Caverns

October 28 2015
There are hundreds if not thousands of cave systems throughout rural Missouri. This expedition plans to deploy in as many as possible during various trips to the area. The interesting thing about these deployments is the rich history of the area. Missouri was the "Gateway to the West". Many legends of outlaws, bank robberies, and other characters are abound. Who knows what we might find during these adventures!

October 28 2015


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Expedition Background

I grew up in this area canoeing the Current, Jacks Fork, Eleven Point, and Spring Rivers. During my youth I observed numerous caves and springs that my father warned me never to play in. Later in life I find myself working for an ROV company. I decided to grab one of our test units "AZI-3" and do some exploring of my childhood stomping grounds. First stop was Eminence Missouri where several freshwater springs can be found. The cockpit video from the ROV was fantastic. I will be going back there throughout the coming year to get more footage and explore the unexplored!