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October 3 2014
MORGAN , Arabian word mean coral Best thing you can ever explore , that when you exploring the heaven underwater HURGADA ,RED SEA in Egypt STILL THE BEST place to find the most beautiful coral you can ever sea the big problem is that you have to be trained well for scuba ( up to 30 m depth ) to see corals and have really expensive camera that for couple of photos my dream is to explore and taking many photos for coral also posting in one free book on internet for every one thank you

October 3 2014


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Preparation Stage

if we get openrov for our expedition we prepared Eureka ROV as helping unit
also to take photos for openrov when the mission is going
so we prepare
- Eureka ROV
- SEALED BOX for Sony video camera to make a film for our adventure
- 2 underwater camera ( on board of Eureka ) to observe openrov when the mission going

  • hook to grab the wire of openrov in case of emergency situation

also i put a video to corals in red sea show how it's so beautiful in the same time by rough shapes


fantastic video , goooo on

the builders of my dream

Mohamed helal - Best CFO you can find on earth , forget you need money , also forget you have money !

Anas ahmed - Designer and one of first founders for ROV community in Egypt

wafaa ramadan - not easy to find girl can work in workshop area easily like her
also she is the commander workshop plans

ahmed abd el aziz - Best electrical designer i know until now , really gentle , know how to make the most impossible circuit in your live

MAGDEY adel - the man who can find the most strangest workshops on earth
underground mechanical developer and plant engineer for all outer works

NOW , we prepare for the next stage with a clear plan

in our campus . 19 area workshop

What a team!!

thank you david for your comment can we post hardware work for past plans for the same mission ?
also when we could know we poplar enough to get one of openrov

yes! please post the hardware work - we'd love to see it!

Expedition Background

now i applied for one of openrov , maybe i will get one for my expedition morgan in RED SEA

one of photos is the logo, was taken in red sea
i hope i could take one of openrov so i can take photos for corals to make free book about this expedition

thank you


I love your idea for sharing the ecosystem through media. One of my favorite apps does something along the same lines through Ocean Networks Canada. Check it out!

thank you really , i would love to do this mission and spread my idea and the photos through all media i can find

this is an incredible idea i'd love to be a part of it :D

you are welcome modi