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Napa nvdi

March 2 2015
I'd like to map vineyards in Napa Valley

March 2 2015


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Name: Mark brown
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Expedition Background

I've worked in agriculture for the past 12 years. From farming corn to grapes, I've encountered technologies which are immensely useful in budgeting, planning and execution, but are often too expensive for small operations to justify on their ledgers.

With the drought in California, the value to municipal water supplies and shared aquifers, water use reduction is a goal with shared benefits to all. Individual stakeholders, the vineyards & farms can benefit from detailed & routine NVDI flyovers indexed to leaf water potential readings, sap flow measurements & surface renewal data. Such information can help grow crops with targeted yields, which offer improved efficiency in budgeting and planning operations, processing, and help to limit the demand placed on shared resources.

The aim here is offer a network of autonomous drones for routine flyovers, indexed against data from LWP, sap flow, neutron probes & surface renewal for a more complete picture of how individual data points extrapolate to a whole farm.