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OpenROV Marine Mammal Communication/Listening; Building a Hydrophone for the ROV!

June 24 2015
Creating a low cost hydrophone that will work with the OpenROV controllerboard electronics. Then deploying this hydrophone equipped ROV in the ocean to listen to marine life and ocean sounds. Experiments continue with underwater speakers, and the eventual goal is to record sounds with the ROV and play them back underwater. These experiments will continue into the more complex world of acoustic positioning systems, sonic signalling, and acoustic modems.

June 24 2015


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Name: Thomas Moye
Account ID: 1780995612

Expedition Background

As a child I listened closely to boats when swimming underwater and was always fascinated how far away they were, in relation to how loud they were underwater. Most of my life has been spent as a musician and a diver. The two were bound to intersect! Lucky for me, I have been able to work with some of the most talented people in both areas. I hope to bring some of the people I have met on this journey so far, as well as form an initial team of interested parties that want to do the same thing. Jim Trezzo(Oracle), Samantha Wishnak (Monterrey Bay Aquarium), and Billy Snook (Hollis) have joined the team at the intitial phases of experimentation and development. Our preparation phase will be loaded with fun, useful information that OpenROVers can use to create their own hydrophone. So far this has been an interesting ride. Can't wait to see what happens next!


Not gonna lie, that looks cartoon-ish. Excited to see how it goes.

Yes, this photo is meant for comic relief. This particular configuration did not work as the bullhorn was non functional and not very hydro-dynamic. However, it is a photo tribute to the Blues Brothers who were also "On A Mission From God".