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Operation Ancient Welsh Well

March 23 2015
Ancient Arthurian research to find the true location of the Isle of Avalon / reverse engineering of any encountered ancient technology.

March 23 2015


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Expedition Background

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But we want to know what's happening! Can you tell us about the area? or the team?

Hi there!!
At the moment I am still building the ROV!
I have done multiple 'reccies'' to the site in North Wales.. its on the Llyn Peninsula In Wales..
I can't be totally sure that what I think Ive found is genuine.. but there are a lot of indications it might be.. Ive been learning Welsh and speaking to old locals and have learnt a lot.. even found evidence of an ancient giant footprint.. possibly (sketchy) evidence of an ancient nuclear blast .. also a possibly location of the garden of Eden.. its all theory and hunch.. but the locals actually seem to acknowledge I might be on to something..
Anyways my first both of call is to send there ROV down an ancient well.. its been classed as magical for thousands of years.. I think there might be a scientific explanation.. I suspect an ancient either manufactured or naturally occurring desalination plant.. hence why I am fitting temp and salinity sensors to the ROV..
The imperial college in London are potentially very interested in what I find..
But I have to be pragmatic and realise it could all be a wild goose chase.. but it isn't half fun finding out!!
Will keep you all posted on the progress of the project when I start to get some data / video footage..
I'm also using aerial drones in the project as I think I have found something else rather exciting on the site!! :)
Cheers!! :)
Paolo (A one man deluded but enthusiastic team!)

You are learning welsh! That's amazing! I think @marius and I agree that talking to old timers is sometimes the most interesting and enlightening means of gathering information. Love the stories.