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Over the Arctic Circle

August 6 2018

The goal is to reach the North of Sweden over the Arctic Circle from Belgium only by foot and by train. Than hike in the wild for five days before coming back.

August 6 2018


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Mission Underway

I guess that sometimes you just don't have the chance to sleep. Since one of my train was too late, I'll spend the night travelling across Danemark. Nevertheless, travelling by train give you the sense of distances ,which is great. Taking the plane give you an illusion of proximity between your own country and your destination and I think that it's quiet sad . I 'll keep you posted with the news but I still strongly believe that travelling by train is a wonderful way to learn, discover and help our planet.

Preparation Stage

I'm leaving tomorrow at 7AM ! I strongly want to reach the top of the Kebnekaise. This is my last post before the next stage. During the expedition I will try to keep posting but I can't guarantee that. Nevertheless I will post some photos of the mountain and the Lapland. Hope you 'll enjoy it !


Hi everyone ! Today the booking of my special trains has been confirmed ! I am now able to share my itinerary with you. I'll first cross Germany to reach Danemark and Copenhagen. Next I will take a train for Stockholm and finally I'll take a night train for 17 hours to reach Kiruna. If everything is ok, I'll have the time to explore a bit the Sweden highest mountain ,the Kebnekaise.

Even if I leave in 11 days, I begin to feel the adventure call. Earlier on this day I checked my tent and started to pack everything. The weather was very hot and while I was checking the tent fabric I was sweating a lot. But I'm happy about all this expedition. I am now 20 years old and I've been dreaming about adventure and exploration since my early childhood. Last year I hiked across the Black Forest with a friend of mine but I needed more. I need to go further and to challenge myself. So I planned this trip to take some photos, see the Northern Europe and push my boundaries. I hope that everything will be fine.

Expedition Background

Hi everyone ! So the goal is to cross the Arctic Circle and to spend a few days in the wild. To do that, I will travel by train across Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Sweden . I'm leaving Belgium on the 18th August 2018 and I should be back by the 28th. My first tasks were to buy all the stuff that I need. Now, I have all I need. Today I've just booked the night trains and the HST ones. The next days will be spent checking all my gear, exchanging euros against Swedish krona and finalizing my itinerary.