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South Pacific Stories: Modern culture in French Polynesia

June 20 2018

South Pacific Stories is an outsider’s journey into island life. We will learn from the people who live here, where islands are so far flung they rarely appear together on one map.

We will listen, follow, and ask the people we meet to choose new sources and locations. The stories you find here will come from those experiences.

Journalist and National Geographic Explorer Jennifer Kingsley will work with photographer Eric Guth and filmmaker Matt Mastrantuono.

June 20 2018


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Expedition Background

This project is driven by the power of personal stories to build cultural understanding. The islands of the South Pacific may be known to the outside world for their spectacular beauty, and I'm interested in modern tales from the people who live there.

My commitment is simple: be curious & listen.

My work relies on meeting one person at a time and asking that person to introduce me to someone new. By following this trail, I will welcome the unexpected and share it with you. After three years of following these threads throughout the global Arctic, it's time to go somewhere new.

Most importantly, I have found my first connection, that single person who can welcome me and get me started along a trail of stories. I got a message from D.!

“I am very honored to find your message. I am looking forward to have a cup of tea and talk story with you. Aroh ia rahi.” – D

It’s that simple. A cup of tea to begin the story that will range across the ocean. (I’ll tell you more about D. when I meet her in Tahiti.)

I’m very happy that my three-years-and-counting collaboration with photographer Eric Guth will continue, and I’m thrilled to welcome filmmaker Matt Mastrantuono to the team.

My sponsorship from the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Alliance enters a new phase in a landscape of palm trees, sharks, coral … and more stories you will only find by following us!


Jennifer this looks so amazing! Can't wait to see updates. When do you head out?

I'm already here! Getting used to the heat :)