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January 3 2017

<p>I'm visiting Palau for a couple weeks, during the Full Moon when many fish gather in massive schools to spawn altogether. I really want to explore the Twilight Reefs and search for unique habitats, unknown deepwater fish, and whatever else is hiding down beyond recreational scuba depth. It is possible that huge fish schools have mass spawning events even deeper than what is currently documented at safe SCUBA depth. I have some great contacts on the island, including members of the California Academy of Sciences, I have some great habitat leads to investigate so I can hit the ground running. </p>

January 3 2017


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Name: Jake Adams
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Expedition Background

My name is Jake Adams, a lifelong explorer of the marine environment, self taught and with a Bachelors in Marine Science. For the past decade I have been writing and reporting on all aspects of little traveled places.
I am a coral 'expert', and everywhere I go I usually find new and unusual corals, photograph and document them for popular and academic audiences alike. I have been dreaming of going to Palau for my whole life, and next year I finally have the opportunity to visit this ecoregion at the mostcritical time. Each year, the January full moon is a time for many different species of iconic reef fish to gather in huge schools to participate in mass spawning events. I think this is an amazing opportunity to document this event from a unique perspective, and perhaps even document some unexpected behavior and animals with an OpenROV. Everywhere I go I stay with the people, the local communities who live near the marine environment and help them to develop sustainable forms of income, my favorite projects include consulting on coral farming efforts for reef restoration.


This sounds like a dream adventure Jake. Excited to follow along. I've always been curious how a coral expert prepares for a trip like this...

It sounds like a dream on paper but it's a LOT of work, hauling dive gear, cameras, batteries and everything that is critical to a trip away from civilization. I've been trying to get an ROV along with me on many trips over the years because I KNOW there's crazy corals just beyond my dive limit, and this should be especially true in the clear oceanic waters surrounding Palau.