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Patagonia Underwater Exploration

June 8 2018

Most part of Patagonia underwater landscape remains largely unexplored. In this project we propose to explore, study and share the benthic biodiversity along the Patagonian Atlantic coast. Using diving surveys and OPENROV deployments we plan to study marine life of rocky reefs habitats. Knowledge of species spatial distribution in those places remains scarce and understanding the present state is critical to detect future changes.

June 8 2018


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Preparation Stage

First dive in the sea for our OpenROV v2.8. We were able to record a school of Scomber colias. Sea temperature was 18 °C and max depth was 5 m.

Our OpenROV v2.8 with the Pro Camera-HD Upgrade

image-1 image-1
Expedition Background

In this expedition we will try to carry out one of the largest diving surveys in Argentina using innovative methods as time-lapse photography, OpenROV dives, drop-video and underwater mapping.
Our main goal is to explore rocky reefs located between 10 to 40 m deep and survey benthic communities. Underwater photo-quadrats along transects will be used to estimate species richness, abundance and species composition. This methodology allows us to get a wide sampling area and cover many rocky reefs along the coast using short dive surveys. OpenROV dives will be used mostly for discovering new places and diving in deep reefs. We will prepare logistic and sampling protocols using the equipment near home before going to more distant places. In addition, all the image products will be used for an outreach program called Proyectosub (

Project collaborators: PROYECTOSUB