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R2H2O Expeditions 2014-2015

October 26 2014
The primary focus of the 2014 R2H2O Expeditions is to explore major natural springs and underground caverns located throughout the Floridan Aquifer system.

October 26 2014


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Preparation Stage

Did you know...the Flint River, located in the Flint River Basin (the 2nd primary site for the R2H2O Expeditions)...was named one of America's most endangered rivers in 2013? During the R2H2O Expeditions, we'll be visiting several sites located in the Flint River Basin to perform EPA water sampling, photo-document the site of collection, and to photo- and video-document fossils of prehistoric (Pleistocene Epoch) land mammals that are reportedly embedded within the limestone of several specific springs and sinkholes in the Basin region.


Here's a great YouTube video that provides a nice overview of the Floridan Aquifer system, the primary subject of the R2H2O Expeditions.

The water is crystal clear! that's beautiful. What's the biggest organism you might encounter?

Planning a few more site visits along the Floridan Aquifer system for the R2H2O Expeditions. We will officially be underway beginning in December 2014. Regular updates will begin in October, including educational outreach material for our educator friends.


If you venture to the South-East, please let us know.

The R2H2O Team will visit the following major sites within the Floridan Aquifer System and Flint River Basin:

Flint River Basin Sites:
Lake Blackshear Blue Spring
Radium Springs
Spring Creek
Wilson Blue Spring

Floridan Aquifer System Sites:
Florida Caverns
Jackson Blue Springs
Vortex Springs
Wakulla Spring
Suwanee Springs
Ichetucknee Springs
Ginnie Springs
Manatee Springs

Expedition Background

The primary focus of the R2H2O Expeditions of 2014 is to explore major natural springs and underground caverns located throughout the Floridan Aquifer system, primarily in South Georgia and North Florida. The public will have the opportunity to follow the Expeditions through updates on the Expeditions' website/blog and social media channels. To promote educational outreach, the Expeditions' team will create learning activities specific to each expedition site that is visited by R2H2O. The secondary focus of the 2014 R2H2O Expeditions includes visits to sites of interest located in the Flint River Basin of South Georgia. And last, but not least, a bonus expedition for R2H2O this season will include a trip to the Florida Keys during the Expeditions Leader's visit to the Classroom Under the Sea crew who will attempt to break the current World Record for longest time spent living continuously underwater with their planned 72-day mission in the Jules Undersea Lodge. The Expeditions Team will collect water samples as part of the Environmental Protection Agency's Volunteer Water Monitoring program for Region 4.


Sounds really interesting, look forward to seeing your progress! :D

Thank you! Our Expeditions are also listed here on Open Explorer as R2H2O Expeditions...but we had to create a new page because we are unable to access our other page for some reason. Thank you for following!