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RemOra V

January 15 2015
To modify a small inspection/hobby size ROV to be "launched' from a much larger working class ROV for exploration into tight spaces and diagnosing any issues with the larger host ROV.

January 15 2015


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Preparation Stage

I've worked with large construction class ROVs for about 6 years, but have always been intrigued by the flexibility of small inspection and hobby size subs. My project idea is to lightly modify a small kit ROV to be mounted in and flown from a bigger ROV. This isn't a new idea, but the goal would be to use this platform of power supplier/host ROV to experiment and modify and test out new idea for home built subs in a way that launching them from the surface just wont provide. It would give way to makers and bold experimenters to test their modifications from deeper depths, in clearer water, with unlimited power supply. The exclusion of batteries then opens up further into playing with different voltages, adding heavier accessories, and even changing thruster configurations or sizes. Things like oil filled electronics housings or electronic manipulators can be experimented with, and from a platform that gives a complete 3rd person overview of the sub being modified and tested.

From a working standpoint a smaller "accessory" sub would prove invaluable for exploring tight spaces, inspecting leaks or issues with the larger ROV in areas it can't see with its own cameras, and being able to return the favor to its host and provide broad overview to a work or exploration site.


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Developing an ingenious Tether Management System which could be attached to the larger ROV would be huge. We were just discussing the TMS and whether that system could be passive or would need to be active. The OpenROV is small enough that even a little bit of tension on the tether impedes it's maneuverability, so an active system on the larger ROV would be the most effective.


Super cool idea!


Super cool idea!


some type of TMS would be the biggest hurdle in this project. The addition of a strength member in the tether may end up being needed, both for tethering and for the possible addition of "tooling" to the ROV for recovering things later on. Because the OpenROV would be attached to the big sub as well, we would need to make sure we can haul it back in and maybe even around a few corners, on the off chance it malfunctions or dies and becomes a fancy little subsea anchor.