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Rescue of OpenROV #589

May 9 2015
OpenROV #589 was entrapped at the bottom of Fallen Leaf Lake due to the large amount of downed trees. We will be going back to retrieve the ROV using another OpenROV. It has been at the bottom of the lake for over 9 month, resulting in a long term test.

May 9 2015


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Mission Underway

This is a very late post (like 2 years late).

On another trip to this lake another survey was done. After spending time searching, the tether came into sight and we were able to trace that to the ROV. This video is the story of the entire search and recovery effort!

That was very exciting!

Thanks Darcy! It was a fun trip and I am glad the little guy was recovered.

Ultimately we did not end up finding the ROV. The dock that it was tied to was removed and we are guessing it was either dragged to a different part of the lake, or the tether snapped and we need to search the exact spot the ROV was tangled. I hope to go back sometime this summer and continue the search. We are also going to follow up on a lead with the person who removed the dock.

Sad to hear. I almost lost my 2414 2.8 openROV last week. It was also a sunken tree, where my tether was getting tangeled. Luckily I was able to pull the tether through enough to dive up and catch the openROV on the surface. But I had to cut the tether to get it out. I thought, it would be great to get an emergency system built in the next SW release. In case of lost communication (no feedback from the PC) the ROV should automatically just emerge automatically. Perhpas in some cases you just could try to break the tether and the ROV can emerge?

I am glad you were able to recover your ROV. That is an interesting idea that we have talked about many times around the lab. The biggest concern is accidental activation when you don't want it to be activated, but other than that it seems like it would be beneficial.

We also found a few tires at the bottom.


Found a water intake for the cabins that are by the lake.


While looking for the ROV we found some interesting things on the bottom of the lake.


What in the name of all that is holy is that thing!?

The production team from OpenROV made the trip to rescue this ROV since we were in Tahoe for the weekend testing other various systems. We set up a version 2.7 ROV and deployed it from a dock.


ROVs packed up and ready to rescue their lost friend. Time to drive from North Lake Tahoe to South Lake Tahoe.

Preparation Stage

On August 3, 2014 OpenROV #589 was left of the bottom of Fallen Leaf Lake. It was being used to inspect some chains that were holding a dock to the shore. The tether was tangled in fallen trees, resulting in the ROV being stuck on the bottom. The decision was made to leave it there and conduct a long term test of the ROV at depth. It has now been 9 months and it is time to retrieve the ROV and see what state it is in. Follow along to learn the state of the little lonely robot.