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Research About Human Impact On Marine Life and Pollution at Different Depths

April 7 2015
This expedition will be visiting several different sites in the San Francisco bay and along the California coastline to research pollution at different depths and the Human Impact on sea life as well as the bio accumulation of photo degraded plastics being consumed by marine life.

April 7 2015


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Preparation Stage

I know it's been a while since the last post, School is a lot of work, but the OpenROV IS ALMOST DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! It will most likely be finished sometime in April, I'm just waiting on the batteries

This is great @morgan_g ! Do you have any photos? Would love to help share your story! what's the science fair plan?

Open ROV is here and construction is underway!!!!!!!!!!!


Almost finished with the science fair application and once I get the Open ROV things will get underway


Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been sick, but today I'm officially starting the application to submit the findings of the expedition to the Alameda County Science Fair!

Glad you're feeling better. I look forward to seeing your findings!


Super excited about the upcoming research expedition, It's going to be EPIC! Here's a photo of the launch site, Alameda Marina


Is that the launch vessel? Very cool!

Expedition Background

Using an Open ROV this expedition will start in Alameda CA, and make stops in five different locations throughout the San Francisco Bay collecting water samples and Macro and Micro plastics. And assuming everything goes well i would like to repeat my experiments in Half Moon bay, Monterey bay, and Bodega bay. These samples will be analyzed In order to determine the amounts of photo degraded plastics and other pollutants present in the water. This expedition will also document bio diversity in different regions using the ROV camera.


Great Experimental design Morgan! Bodega Bay is going to be an interesting dive location, but definitely worth a try. We tried some dives out there just before our expedition to Papua New Guinea . This biggest thing we faced out there was seagrass, you may need to create some sort of net to protect the thrusters and prevent seagrass from getting entangled.

Thanks for the advice I'll definitely have to look out for sea grass, But the net to cover the props sounds like a great Idea!

How do you plan to collect water samples and plastics? Do you already have a design in mind?

I have one or two ideas that involve using a vacuum of some kind but I'm still sort of figuring that part of it out. Do you have any ideas about a good way to collect samples?