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March 6 2015
Developing new imaging systems for underwater robotics...

March 6 2015


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Preparation Stage

Work in progress... Almost done...


Oooh, what type are the blue batteries?

We bought two OpenROVs: one to use it as it is and the second one possibly changing (and improving) the imaging system. Raphaël and Ralph, two of our teammates, are currently assembling...


Those are some serious weights there holding down the thru-hull end cap, are those destined to be part of the OpenROV adaptations?

This is not our main objective. We are focused on underwater vision models, techniques and sensors. But our experiments will be done with an OpenROV and if we'll do a nice job, we'll certainly have to adapt and open to the community somehow.

Bonjour, j'aimerais savoir si vous êtes satisfait de votre openrov ? Est ce le 2,8 ? Est il difficile à monter ?
J'aimerais connaître votre ressenti.

Cordialement Gilles Barthélemy

Our robotics lab is hosted in the Centre Universitaire Condorcet in Le Creusot (a small city in Burgundy, France). In his book entitled "20000 lieux sous les mers" (20000 leagues under the sea), Jules Verne wrote that the keel of the Nautilus was forged in... Le Creusot... ROV + Nautilus = ROVilus. This is how we chose the name of our project.


Sounds amazing! What kind of imaging systems have you built thus far?

We designed a pretty novel camera we are currently modeling and calibrating. We will post more about it in the following weeks.

Expedition Background

ROVilus is a research project of the Le2i (UMR CNRS 6306, University of Burgundy, France) aiming at developing new imaging sensors for underwater robotics. These sensors will be tested in indoor pool, freshwater and seawater. > >