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October 19 2017

Our expedition plans to perform the first archaeological studies of the "San Pedro Alcántara" shipwreck, a Spanish Man-of-War with 74 cannons, which sank in 1815 near Coche Island, Venezuela.
We will conduct scans from surface, and several dives with SCUBA and two ROV (one OpenROV) in order to obtain a 2D mosaics and 3D models of the wreck and its surrounds

October 19 2017


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Expedition Background

The "San Pedro Alcántara", built in 1788 in la Habana (Cuba) was the most powerful ship to visit the Venezuelan coast during the Independence War. It was equipped with 74 cannons, and was sent by Fernando VII to support the Spanish expedition under Pablo Morillo lead, in Venezuela and Colombia.

Since its sinking in 1815, due to an explosion of unknown causes and motivation, there have been at least seven expeditions from private treasure hunters and a couple of institutional expeditions, which recovered important elements of the wreck.

However, it still remains as one of the most important wrecks in the South Caribbean, without any detailed information about its current status, nor a detailed plan of the wreck site.