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Scripps UW Time Machine

October 26 2017

We are developing an underwater time machine off of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography's pier in a kelp forest at 20m. The FUTURE FOCE uses feed-back control of CO2, nutrients and Oxygen to produce future environmental conditions to determine how marine organisms and ecosystems will respond, adapt and deal with climate change. We plan to use the Triton as a robotic diver to maintain the experiment, clean the chambers, calibrate sensors and monitor organisms responses when divers can't be deployed. As we continue to develop the FUTURE FOCE we will work to make OPEN ROV an integral part of our experimental system.

October 26 2017


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Expedition Background

With Schmidt Marine Technology Partners our new FUTURE FOCE system is being tested and will be deployed off of the Scripps pier very soon. We are working to develop new technologies for testing multiple-stressor climate change impacts in the marine environment. We previously built the CP-FOCE which we deployed on the Great Barrier Reef at the Heron Island Research station for over 8 months and found some really exciting results about how coral reefs will respond to ocean acidification. The FUTURE FOCE will be a portable multiple stressor system that will allow us to understand how marine animals and ecosystems respond to environmental stress. We plan to Open ROV and the Trident a critical part of our team that can check on and maintain our experiments when divers can't get in the water.