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Seahorses of France - 2017

June 16 2017

Unbeknownst to most, the largest colonies of seahorse in Europe are hidden in French waters. These iconic marine animals are particularly fragile and surprisingly under-documented by the scientific community. Although this family of fish is in every child's drawing books, very little is known of their biology and habitat.
Luckily, a team of French scientist has decided to take a closer look, and the Octopus Foundation is part of the adventure.

June 16 2017


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Expedition Background

They hide in the seagrasses of the murky waters of various lagoons around the Mediterranean or the Atlantic. The male caries the eggs and gives birth. They are a family of fish with a very peculiar way to move, eat and hide. It's the seahorse, one of the most iconic animals of our seas and oceans.
Known to most of us since a very young age, they are surprisingly absent from the shelves of the scientific departments. In Europe, as they were never consumed or used in the industry, nobody bothered to thoroughly study them. Today, the French association Peau-Bleue decided it was time to fill the gap of knowledge. And the Octopus Foundation is part of the adventure.