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Search the pike

January 24 2015
Discovering a lake in a pit Stone and its fish Fauna.

January 24 2015


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Expedition Background

It is a small lake where some fishes where populated.
Several attempts to catch a pike failed. Now this lake should be explored with the openrov.
Maybe it is possible to find the pike or find some other interesting fishes is this lake.
Because the water is murky most of the time the winter season could be a good time.
It could be difficult because there are many big stones which could cause trouble with the tether.


Wow! What a backdrop! As for the tether, a few fishing bobbers attached near the ROV will help keep the negatively buoyant tether off the rocky bottom. Like these:
fishing bobbers

thanks for your reply and the tip with the fishing bobbers. I thought about using bottle cork but thats also a very good idea.

Unfortunately there is too much snow and ice, so I am not able to go forward with my expidition. I have to wait until it's warmer.
Did some tests in our pool which worked well. An additional test in a small pond was made. This test was stopped because of murky water (only 30cm sight is not enough)
I also have to solve the Problem with the foggy tube. Happens in really cold water.
In the meantime, i try to learn more about the programming of the OPENROV.


hi siegfried, very interesting, i am from carintha and want to buy me also that rov. did you buy it over the online store and what was the import tax for it?

i bought it from the online store - fully assembled version. 1524,- $ (1305,- Euro) including shipment. Taxes to be payed in Austria 320,- Euro.


Hi, ok I will order today also from the online store, please keep me informed about your testings. Thanks