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SEA Semester Voyage and Beyond

March 14 2015
Beginning in April, I will sail aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer from Puerto Rico to New York City. While sailing, I will be conducting research on water quality, biodiversity/population dynamics, as well as conservation methods!

March 14 2015


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Name: Grayson Huston
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Expedition Background

Beginning March 23, 2015 I will join SEA Semester's Marine Biodiversity and Conservation program in Woods Hole, MA. While in Woods Hole, I will take several classes (oceanography, nautical and maritime science, etc.) as well as prepare for our research expedition. After a couple weeks, I will then fly to Puerto Rico and will board SEA Semester's ship, the SSV Corwith Cramer. While on the tall ship, we will sail from Puerto Rico to New York City, continuing classes and conducting research along the way. More specifically, I will be testing the water quality along our route and the effects different conditions have on population dynamics of various species in the area.
Following our voyage, I will then conclude the expedition with 3 more weeks in Woods Hole, where I will complete my project as well as present my results to a board of directors.
Immediately following SEA Semester, I will be flying out to Point Reyes National Park in California and will help the NPS conduct research on wild coho and steelhead salmon. Specifically, we will measure and monitor salmon abundance as they head upstream.


This is a great program, congratulations! What will you be using for sampling the water? Are you taking any of your own sensors?