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The ancient port of Oricum - 2017

June 2 2017

Oricum was a strategic port city in the antiquity. Situated in modern Albania, whoever controlled it would control the sailing routes from the Adriatic to the Mediterranean. It's where Julius Caesar won one of his most ambitious military battle in 49 B.C., at the beginning of the Civil War.
The site is every archaeologist's dream: it was cut off from the rest of the world during the better part of the 20th century, and remained mostly untouched and undocumented. It is only now starting to reveal its true potential.

June 2 2017


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Preparation Stage

This orthophotoplan made with one of our drones in 2016 is the basis of our 2017 mission.

We will use our scubadiving gear as well as the brand new Trident to explore and document the underwater remains.

Every aspect of the mission will be conducted under the supervision of an underwater archaeologist, Krisztian Gal.


Another incredible expedition. Excited to get you the Trident and follow along!

Expedition Background

Following the 2016 expedition that revealed hundreds of underwater remains in the lagoon next to Oricum, the Octopus Foundation will assist an underwater archaeologist from the UNIGE to begin the careful work of documenting the findings.