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The Dredge

July 31 2017

During the gold mining days of Colorado many water going vessels were brought in to extract ore from the rivers and streams that run throughout the mountains. One such vessel now rests at the bottom of a small section of stream in Breckinridge Co. Beneath the modern day dredge restaurant, in slightly over 100 feet of fridges water lies the remains of a sunken mining vessel.

July 31 2017


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Mission Underway

The following is an excerpt from the websit for the restaurant regarding the history of the site.

From the early 1900s up to 1942, there were a total of nine dredges operating inSummit County. This two million pound floatIng restaurant is a replica of one of the largest and longest operating dredges. It was the last dredge operating and stopped forever in the Blur River in 1942 and is right below us.

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It's not quite underway yet. It just changed to that when I edited it. I hope to get the mission Started soon though.

Expedition Background

This expedition will require equipment beyond what I currently have at my disposal. However, I can get started by looking into more details of the body of water and the history of the mining dredge itself. Eventually I am hoping to use a remotely operated submersible to explore the sunken dredge.