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The WW2 in Danish waters

August 17 2015
To find and show german ww2 objects, left in Danish waters. Dropped artifacts, different objects, hopefully film and photograf subs, hard to scuba dive on.

August 17 2015


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Preparation Stage

First of all, a BIG thank you to David, and the rest of the team from OpenROV.

I´ve been giving one of the ROV donations from the Moore Foundation.
Also thank you very much to Moore Foundation for making this possible.

ROV # 1483 has arrived in Denmark, and is currently on the table in the workshop being built.
Only programming of the ESC and mounting of the lasers are remaining at the moment.

Next up is the IMU, with assembly and mounting on the ROV.

The kit fits together so well, and quality of parts is high.

Sadly the weather here in Denmark is turning cold, rainy and winther is closing in on us. So testing is a bit on hold.
I´ll try to test in a friends pool, if the weather allows for it.

More info and pictures to come

Hope the weather has improved a bit since the winter! How are things going with the ROV build? Getting ready for the exploration season?

A little update,
I have been giving information about a german U-boot, only 2 hours of sailing from where "the Albatros" is laying.
It might be the wreck of U203, left by the germans after it was attacked during WW2.
Not the complete hull is remaning but parts of it.
Its on 20 meters of water, so well in reach of an openrov.

Also i got the position of a Stirling Mark 1 bomber, actually laying in the area where we fished the other day.
It rests on 19 meters of water.

Hey! Cool ekspedition! Fatter ikke at der ikke var flere "followers". Jeg håbede på at vi måske kunne arbejde lidt sammen her? Jeg har en ROV og jeg dykker selv. Jeg bor dagligt i Limhamn (Malmø) og/eller Wroclaw (Polen)... Så jer er ret mobil :)
Men om det har interesse så lad os snakke. Jeg har en ide til at finde lidt sponsorer, og der er jo lidt interesse fra et par TV produktions selskaber...


Jakob Kosmider

This is the ship, from where i plan to sail the expedition. It was my fathers ship. A 30 foot, former life boat hull converted to a cabin cruiser.
It has sonar, plotter and VHF radio com.

Its named "The Albatros", i think thats a "gooney" bird in english.

A really nice older ship, with a lot of room onboard. I hope to get my brother along as a mate. (should be no problem as he is the owner of the Luger pistol, showed in other post)


Wow, nice research boat! Albatross are good luck.

Thank You Eric, yes the are lucky birds :-)
I hope it brings luck, with the bird on the hull.



These are awesome artifacts! I'm curious how he got them with the net? What depth was he trawling?

Thank you David.
Its amazing how leather stays intact on the ocean floor. Sadly the metal parts is not in a good state. But my brother is trying hard to conserve it best possible.
These are from around 20 to 30 meters depth.
The kind of fishing is not really trawling, but more like a net standing upright on the seafloor. With a pole floating at each end.
The fish are caught at the net, and can only swim left or right towards the poles. At the ends of the net, there is a fish trap, that holds the fish until the net is dragged up to the surface. In that process things on the seafloor is dragged along into the net.
I cant find a proper english word for this kind of fishing style, sorry.

Ammo is from 1938. Made by r.w.s
Rheinisch-Westfälische Sprengstoff A.-G., Nürnberg-U. Germany


This is 2 of the items that was in the net, from one of the local fishermen. Found last winther.
He gave it to my father, who passed it on to my brother, as he wanted to preserve it, and display it.

It a German Luger P08, all loaded up with 7 rounds in the magazine, a spare mazine in the holster. And even one round in the chamber.

Dropped with the original leather holster. This is an nice item to have, with history behind it.
Sadly there are no full serial numbers readable, only part of it. So tracking it is going to be difficult.

Along with the luger in the net, where a bandoler ammo pouch, wourn by the German infantery soldier. For a Mauser K98 riffle.
Bullets and loading clips where still intact, inside the leather.

Expedition Background

Denmark was occupied during the 2. world war, by the German army. When they left in 1945 lots of their equipment was left in they town of Korsør, when they shipped out back to Germany. Later some of that equipment was dropped in the sea by locals, along with objects from the local underground resistance army.
Some on deep water, but some on shallow waters, being caught by fishermens to this day.
Goal is to try finding some of this equipment, by searching known locations where they still are found in nets.

WHoa cool idea! Do you have links to any articles about the stuff the fisherman picked up? I'd love to read that!

WW2 artifacts are always worth a good hunt! Any findings may give us more knowledge of things the Germans did not want us to find :-) Go for it..

Wow, this is great! And finally an expedition in Scandinavia!!

Fedt med noget Dansk historie!