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Panamanian Sea Turtle Expedition

September 11 2018

We are a small NGO looking for explorers that will help us monitor the Pablo Barrios Wildlife Refuge, in Pedasi, Los Santos, Panama! We have been monitoring the refuge for 6 years, collecting nesting behavior and morphology data. During this period we have identified 4 out of the 7 species of sea turtles existing world-wide, nesting within the Pablo Barrios Refuge. Explorers will help us patrol nesting beaches, relocate eggs to nursery, and release hatchlings into the wild – protecting them from poachers.

September 11 2018


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Expedition Background

Tortugas Pedasi is a community-based non-profit working to protect and restore the health of Pedasi’s coastal ecosystems. Working primarily within the boundaries of the Pablo Barrios Wildlife Refuge, we specialize on sea turtle and mangrove research and conservation. Despite laws protecting these systems, illegal lodging, unsustainable agricultural practices, and poaching, remain a threat to their health and survival.