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Tracking the elusive snow leopard in Tien Shan

July 22 2018

With Biosphere Expeditions, a group of citizen scientists will be surveying the Tien Shan mountains for signs of snow leopards, their prey and setting up remote cameras to better understand the movement of these elusive creatures in order to protect their populations.

July 22 2018


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Expedition Background

As part of Biosphere Expedition's citizen science volunteering trip, I will be joined by 11 other volunteers, and scientists in venturing high into the beautiful Tien Shan (translation: Celestial) Mountains of Kyrgyzstan. We are united in our passion for nature and wildlife conservation, and are embarking on our adventure principally in the interests of better understanding the populations and behaviours of the elusive snow leopard. The objectives of the trip are:

(1) To estimate snow leopard numbers and activity through field signs, by tracking and observation.

(2) To assess the status and distribution of their prey species such as the Tien Shan argali and the Central Asian ibex.

(3) To survey small animals, such as marmots, and birds.

(4) To involve local people in snow leopard conservation through education, capacity-building and the creation of economic benefits.