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Vikings & Robots: North Atlantic Saga with Adventure Canada & The Explorers Club

January 17 2018

Flying robots along rugged coasts from Scotland to Iceland, let’s examine the world beneath the waves which Vikings sailed upon. In partnership with Adventure Canada and The Explorer's Club, I've pitched joining this expedition. Come with me!

January 17 2018


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Expedition Background

This expedition's goal is to bring underwater exploration to a June/July expedition tracing ancient sea routes of the North Atlantic. The adventure will launch from Aberdeen and sail on to Reykjavik. From the craggy coastline of Scotland, past the staggering cliffs of the Faroe Islands to the volcanic plains of Iceland, this expedition charts a course unlike any other on Earth. The opportunity is made possible by Adventure Canada and The Explorers Club working together to inspire young explorers and provide the opportunity for explorers, like me, to gain new knowledge and share new stories from the remote parts of the world we travel in.

I plan to explore the underwater landscapes of Scotland, the Shetland Islands, Faroe Islands, and along the Icelandic coastline using an OpenROV. Through this tool, I can add depth to the expedition allowing glimpses of vibrant sub-polar and temperate marine communities. I am especially interested flying the ROV in the waters of Mykines Island at the westernmost outpost of the Faroe Islands. The isolated nature of the island suggests unique marine life in this gateway to the Norwegian Sea. The region is known for lush kelp beds. Within these regions, exploration may encounter Deadman’s Fingers a spookily-named five branch soft coral colony endemic to the region!

The expedition will also have an extensive land-based exploration component. Followers and friends connected here through OpenExplorer will have the chance to explore Neolithic ruins on rugged Celtic islands and sail into the sagas of Norse explorers bound for far-flung Arctic shores. I look forward to experimenting with the types of storytelling I can add to an expedition by opening up a window to the undersea world. Using this page, I hope to open landscapes in the Northern Atlantic to people who may otherwise never experience the place. This adventure will foster all of our curiosity which I believe is the root of learning. We will all be able to dive into the temperate ocean- a zone which absorbs a high percentage of CO2 from the atmosphere and drives the productivity blooms which every plate of seafood depend upon. For this adventure, I'll be leaning on my extensive background in telling adventure stories honed working on Exploration Vessel Nautilus, the world's largest passenger submarine, and as North America's Rolex scholar.

I've pitched this exciting expedition to partners and will learn in March if I will have a spot onboard the ship. Cross your fingers for me fellow adventure-ers! I would love to share this adventure with all of the OpenExplorer community! [Image by KudoyBook Travel]