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Walden Pond OpenROV Test

January 3 2015

Testing an OpenROV in Walden Pond, the deepest lake in Massachusetts.

January 3 2015


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Expedition Background

At 30 meters, Walden Pond is the deepest lake in Massachusetts. We decided to test our OpenROV there!


Amazing first dive! I think looking at relatively well known landmarks from a different angle will generate a lot of interest from the local Community of Explorers! @NewEnglandExplorers, check this out!

Nice! There was another expedition that wanted to look into the bottom layers of these meromictic lakes:

She was exploring local myths about lake monsters, which is awesome.

Nice to see another New Englander that will be exploring the waters of the Northeast. I've frequently hiked around Walden's Pond, so I look forward to seeing what is hidden under its water.

What test line did you use for stability?

@elisedufour I believe it's 200lb test.