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Waller Feldmarksee

August 10 2014
the first field expedition with ROV #519. Up to now i only had tests in the bathtub and a pool for preparation. This expedition is meant to be the first serious one into unknown realm.

August 10 2014


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Preparation Stage

Unfortunately i did not make it to the lake last sunday. I had to fight some major technical problems with the ROV. By Sunday night 23 pm i had fixed everything.

The little one now has lasers mounted, brand new software and problems with power supply fixed.

I plan to explore the lake very soon though - meanwhile i give you some impressions on what i did up to now.


Great to hear you got it fixed up! Excited to see the lake video. Make sure to get a recording using screencastify!

Jep, i installed screencastify at the weekend - i even made some video footage from a short dive in my companies pool. I am preparing it for the upload currently. I hope you'll find it here tomorrow.

Hey Tobias, did everything work out in the end?
Keep us posted for updates!
Greetings from Cologne

Hi Tobi, you can report something new from your project?
I'm from Germany and am interested in the OpenROV.

Hi Tobi, Nils and fun2rov! Glad to see you guys are all in Germany, feel free to like and join us on our OpenROV Germany Facebook page:
That's the place to be for all OpenROVers and fans based in Germany! Thanks for spreading the word around your circles in Germany! Keep up the great work and talk to you soon on Facebook then! Cheers! D

Expedition Background

Waller Feldmarksee is a little lake nearby. I have choosen it as the location for my first fielddive in order to make further testing.

Looking forward to seeing video!

This is great! I'm dying to see underwater in a lake in Germany. Have any pictures yet?