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Wedel Sea Trial

October 8 2014
This is the first sea trial of the HCU OpenROV

October 8 2014


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Debriefing Stage

Well, in the end everything worked well except for one thing that we had anticipated, but given the lack of alternate test location, that we could not do much about anyway: the Elbe river is way too murky to see anything!

Like so many dive sites before it. Visibility is often an issue. But congratulations on your first successful deployment!
What do you have in mind for future dives?

Finally! The long awaited moment of putting the ROV in the water!

Preparation Stage

The team was able to setup on a pontoon right at the level of the river.

Expedition Background

A first sea trial is scheduled in the Elbe river (Wedel) for October 8th 2014. The objective of this expedition will be to evaluate the working of the ROV.